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Terms of Use

Gifted Jewelry provides this website as a beneficial resource for gemstone jewelry shopping. These terms of use should be read carefully prior to making a purchase.

Product Descriptions & Images

We have taken great care to ensure all of our images depict the item for sale as accurately as possible. However, as all of our gemstones are natural (with exception to Cubic Zirconia items), slight differences in color may occur from time to time. We do not treat our gemstones or alter the color lustre in any way. Please also note that the images you see will depend on your monitor, mobile device or television's capabilities and display settings. As a result, we are unable to guarantee that items purchased are an absolute exact representation of the actual merchandise.

Our web site gives you the opportunity to view most items in larger or smaller sizes by clicking on the appropriate images. Every model of computer monitor, mobile device and television is different, with a variety of resolutions and screen settings, and as a result the sizes of our jewelry images may appear to alter. However, we do make every attempt to make our online catalogue as accurate as possible, and our entire catalogue is routinely checked and updated.

Product Availability & Pricing

You can view prices and make orders in US Dollars (USD). This is also the native currency of the Gifted Jewelry website. With exception to potentially erroneous prices, displayed prices are final.

Some items must be made to order and this may take up to an extra two to five working days onto the delivery time scale. Unlike many online jewelers, as a customer, you will not experience back order issues when ordering from our store. Fulfilment is guaranteed on every order. For bulk and wholesale purchases, please contact us.

Typographical and system errors very rarely happen due to the accuracy of quality control and exceptional reliability of our server base. However, typographical errors may occur in pricing, product specification and data. Although we make every effort to avoid these situations, sometimes they do occur. Gifted Jewelry reserves the right to correct any inaccuracies and cancel any subsequent orders as a result of erroneous prices.

Sales, Offers, Coupons & Price Reductions

Discounts can sometimes be offered for multiple purchases by way of a coupon code or as part of an order, or for bulk and wholesale purchases. However, prices set for single items are final and at this point we are not open to negotiation for single items.

Delivery Time Scales

Our aim is for all orders to be dispatched within 48 hours of payment clearing. Occasionally certain jewelry has to be made to order which can take an extra two to five working days. All orders are dispatched by FedEx Express delivery with a usual timeframe of two working days for Mainland US and two to four working days for non-Mainland US and countries outside of the US. When an order is dispatched an automatic e-mail will be sent with details of your FedEx tracking number, which can be used to track the whereabouts of the order prior to delivery. If you require an order to be delivered urgently please contact us and we may be able to assist you.

Insurance & Security

All shipments are fully insured and traceable. For added security orders must be signed for on delivery, which will require someone to be present at the delivery address. In the unlikely event of an invalid or inaccessible address, or lost package, we will contact you immediately and arrange a redelivery.

International Orders

Currently Gifted Jewelry only ships to the United States and Canada.

Alternative Delivery Addresses

Orders can be dispatched to a shipping address separate from the address registered to the credit/debit card used to make the purchase. However, in the interests of security we do recommend that your alternate shipping address is registered on file with your credit card company. This helps keep the ordering process simple and reduces the possibility of unauthorised transactions.

Ethical Policy

All of our diamonds and gemstones are sourced ethically and legitimately. Gifted Jewelry do not - and will never - buy, sell, nor distribute conflict diamonds (also known as blood diamonds). "Conflict diamonds" is a term to describe diamonds that are sourced from areas controlled by insurgencies and forces that use the subsequent profits to operate illegal activities. We take pride in our strict ethical policy as part of an on-going effort to help eliminate conflict diamonds from the supply chain.